Accessible to the public

Access for the public is critical and should be provided on the road. It is important to balance safe public use with industry use. Shared use has been demonstrated with industrial roads and can be successful here.

Fiscally Responsible

The cost of the road should not fall entirely on the shoulders of the State of Alaska. Similar to the Red Dog transportation corridor model, the West Susitna Access Road should generate revenue to offset the cost of the road. We believe the road to Red Dog was a successful AIDEA-led project, and West Susitna Access can be similarly successful.

Alaska Hire

Construction and maintenance of the road should prioritize Alaska labor and contracting.

Our Mission

Friends of West Susitna is a non-profit grassroots organization made up of long-time Alaskans whose mission is to advocate for the State of Alaska to provide year-round road access to state-owned lands and resources west of the Susitna River.

The West Susitna region contains millions of acres of state lands and a wealth of natural resources and recreational opportunities. It is time for a road to provide everyday Alaskans with access to these lands and resources. But the road needs to be developed the right way. It should provide the maximum benefit to all Alaskans. For too long, this region has been inaccessible to everyday people in our wonderful state.

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