This is my story

Cindi Herman

My Alaskan roots run deep, my family landed in Nome AK in the late 1800’s, my Grandmother owned and operated the “Nome Nugget News Paper for 30 plus years, she traveled to Washington DC to show support for Statehood.

I moved to the Mat Su Valley in 1997 and to Skwentna in 2010

I endeavor to be as much like my relatives of old as I can be as they stood for what has made Alaska Great. The opportunity of expansion is here for all of us. Alaska has a plethora of opportunities and I want the best of Alaska to be provided for “All Alaskans.”

John Lamborn

John is a MatSu resident and business owner, an exploration geologist, and a long-time Alaskan. He is working to promote infrastructure that will lead to responsible resources development, including mining, that will result in good paying jobs for Alaskans and revenues for the state, while at the same time making lands and rivers more accessible to the public.

Calvin Flanigan

I was born in Alaska and have lived my entire life in the Skwentna River Valley. I believe that if the West Susitna Access Road is built and managed properly, it will provide jobs, opportunity and access to many Alaskans.

Leslie Wright

My name is Leslie Wright born and raised in Alaska, my mother side of my family originated as colonists in Palmer and Smith Road is named after my family. My father side my grandparents worked and lived in independence mine in 1940 until my grandfather got called to war. I graduated from Colony high school in 1995 and still reside in the state of Alaska along with my three children who are grown adults and still reside in the valley.

Christy Moore

We had an airplane for many years so I got to see and do a lot of things in this great land that many people have not. This is why I absolutely support the West Susitna Access Road – so that many more Alaskans can finally experience the most beautiful areas of our state.